Dermatologist West Des Moines-Some Insights

When it comes to seeing the dermatologists in your area, do so sooner rather than later for acne help. Though many times people will push off going in to see this type of specialist because they think that pimples are just something you have to grow out of or just deal with, that’s not necessarily a good thing. What you may not realize is that acne is a type of inflammation on the skin. That means the skin is dealing with infections and painful situations at the location of each one of those pimples. To give your skin a fighting chance, be sure to get in to see the doctor.

Examining the Problem

The first thing dermatologists will do for those who have acne is to examine the condition and determine what is behind it. There could be numerous reasons for large, painful breakouts. For example, if your body’s hormone balance is not on target, this will cause an influx of oil production. That oil encourages bacteria to grow. If your problem is oil production, your doctor may recommend steps to remove the oil as well as regulate your hormones to stop the overproduction.Find additional information at dermatologist west des moines.

Offering Cleansing Solutions

There is no doubt that acne is brought on by inflammation that bacteria causes. That means that by properly cleansing the skin, it may be possible to remove at least some of the bacteria. Though you can do this at home, it is often a good idea to talk to your dermatologist about the options for using medicated treatments or higher quality products. For those who have a significant level of inflammation, doctors may recommend medications to treat the sores.


You may also learn about the options in exfoliation. This is a treatment you can do at home using over the counter products. However, it is often best to turn to your dermatologist for help in more advanced products and services. If you have overcome the acne but are dealing with scarring, there are laser treatments your doctor can offer that can make a big difference in the way your skin looks and feels. Your doctor can offer other recommendations for treatments that could help you as well.